The Zeus Arc GT Vaporizer

Today we have a very exciting new vaporizer to look at! It is a custom design from Zeus and TVape that was engeneered in Germany and spent two years in development... this is The Arc GT!!

Please Note that this is a PRE PRODUCTION unit and there may be some changes upon release.

The main thing that separates the Zeus Arc from the rest is the gold plated chamber, screen and air path! While this may seem like overkill, gold is a FANTASTIC heat conductor and doesn't start off gassing until well past 5000 degrees! This golden centre is at the heart of the fantastic performance.... but the goodness of the Arc GT doesn't stop there!!

The unit itself is very solidly built and fits right in the palm of your hand! It has great heat insulation and the exterior never gets anything more than warm... dunno if that's thanks to the gold but either way I'm happy!!

As mentioned above, this was a PRE PRODUCTION unit we looked at today and the Zeus Arc has not yet been released. Keep checking the link below for release dates and information.