The Magical Butter Machine

Hi Folks!! Today we are looking at a device that I have been longing for since forever - The Magical Butter Machine!!

Now, don't let the name fool you.... this is used for way more than just butter! You can infused all sorts of products from oils, lotions and alcohol based tinctures! For today's review however, we stay true to the name and whip up a batch butter!

A little background to start.... I am a HUGE fan of edibles and make a batch of my own butter every six weeks. Up to now I have been doing this using the crockpot method.... butter, deccarbed weed and a little bit of butter, cook for 12 hours, strain and enjoy!! The Magical Butter Machine turns the 12 hour cook time into just 2!! Hooray, I get my weekends back!!

The unit itself is very well made with an aluminum exterior and what feels like high quality controls. It's the size of a large coffee carafe with a motorized widget inside that stirs your brew periodicly as it cooks.

The big question though is how was the butter? Well, it was awesome! Because I was so anxious and eager to give the butter a try, I took the easy route and just added some to a store bought brownie mix! That video will be available here on Monday!!

This was the absolute easiest time Ive had making infused butter and I can't wait to try it for oils and tinctures!