Left Coast Gummy Co

Hi Folks!!  Today we are looking at gummies from Left Coast Gummy Co!  Left Coast is a Canadian company based out of BC, Canada's Cradle of Cannabis.  While there are a ton of different gummies the market, Left Coast sets itself apart by using full spectrum cannabis oil instead of distillate.  Most gummy makers like to stick with distillate since it is flavourless and can be added to just about anything, but distillate tends to be less full-bodied and have ashorter duration.  Full bud extractions while much stronger and long lasting, often are accompanied with a heavy cannabis smell and flavour. 

Somehow, Left Coast has overcome this!  Their gummies taste and smell wonderful!  And the effects are bang on!!  Each package contains six pieces and 150mg, that's 25mg per piece!  That makes this great for those with lower tolerances who may just have one or two, or for THC hogs that like their edibles in the triple digits.  Very cool!

IG: @leftcoastgummy.co