Watermelon HT / HCE from Dr Errl Extracts

Hey Folks!!

Seems like I am getting more and more into concentrates these days!  And for me, it's as much a learning experiences anything as I've always been a flower and edible guy.  Today we are looking at Watermelon HT / HCE from Dr Errl Extracts.  HT stands for High Terpene and HCE stands for High Cannabinoid Extract, two things that are fantastic indicators of quality.  The High Terpene designation suggests the concentrate should retain much of the flavour of the originating flower High Cannabinoids.... yeah, we all know what that means!!  Stronger concentrates!!

With me being somewhat of a novice in the concentrate world I look for a few other markers as well;

1) Does it burn my lungs? I've got old, often abused lungs and they are super sensitive to impurities (that's what you get for smoking everything under the sun for 35 years).  If a concentrate burns my lungs I know that the purging processions what should be.

2) Does it resemble the original flower?  Simple enough.... if the sellersays it's extracted from a certain strain does it smell, taste and feel like that strain's attributes?

3) Did it do the job?

I'm very happy to say that Dr Errl's not only passed, they passed with some the brightest flying colours ever!!  Regardless of how "smooth" a concentrate is there is inevitably a coughing spell moment as I try to push the cloud envelope.  With the Watermelon... didn't happen!  This was super silky and super good!!

To test out the concentrate I used the Shatterizer, one of the best concentrate pens you can find on the market!  And the best part, they sell it on the Dr Errl website!  One stop shop!  Lol!

So if you haven't guessed, I'm digging the Watermelon HT / HCE a lot!  And you will to!!

If you're living Canada, home of the free and the worlds best recreational cannabis, checkout drerrlextracts.com