The Weezy - A New Take on the classic One Hitter

Hey everybody!!  Today we are taking a look at The Weezy, a sleek new smoking accessory from e-njoint that is like a modern take on the old one hitter dugout.  To put it simply, The Weezy is an aluminum pipe in the shape of a cone that you load with pods called jackpots.  Jackpods are to cannabis what k-cups are to coffee.  Little, recyclable pods that you either fill yourself or, in some markets, purchase prefilled.  Each Jackpod holds enough for 3-5 good pulls then you pop it out and toss in a new one.  Simple!!  Even better, it comes with an airtight doob-tube so when you're done you can pop it in there and not workout stinking the place.  This is more for popping out for a few quick hits rather than seshing out on.

To test the Weezy I used some BlueBerry Kush and some Afghani hash, both from one of my favourites places Hybridfast.  Seriously check them out, they are always tossing in free grams to their orders.

Another little plus is that there is a little debris filter to keep particulates from ending up in your mouth!  As for cons, the unit get pretty hot pretty quick and that's pretty much it!  I really like the idea of the jackpods but I want to see a reusable design at some point.  Other than that, this is a fun little smoker!