Medicated Massage Oils from Dr Errl Extracts

Hi Folks!  This is my second time reviewing the medicated massage oil from Dr Errl Extracts and man, what difference reading the instructions makes!!

This is a FANTASTIC massage oil that is infused with 75mg of THC.  How fantastic?  Well,the Fresh Balsam variety took second placeat the 2017 Karma Cup's topical category!  Today we are looking at Fresh Balsam, Fruit and Spice and Warm Earth Massage Oils.

First thing to point out is there has been a major design improvment since the first time I used this product... the bottle now has an ingenious rollerball applicator, you know, like the deoterants from the 70's!!  This is amazing because it means you no longer need second person if you're trying to get a hard to reach place AND you don't have to worry about getting your hands greasy!

Okay... so the big difference from this and my first review is that I applied the oil not just to the affected area, but to the back of my neck.  It said in the instructions that by doing this you will have a nice mood enhancing / muscle relaxing experience. And guess what...?  It worked!!  I didn't get stoned, mind you, but I was certainlymore relaxed than I was before applying the oil.  Even thought infusionsTHC the "mood enhancing" felt to me like I had taken a CBD supplement, sort of like chilled out but 100% still there, it was very nice!!