Truffles from Merry Meltaways

Hey Everybody!  Today we are looking at truffles from Merry Meltaways.  Merry Meltaways are a Canadian company producing handmade truffles insufed with THC distillate.  Truffles come in a variety of potencies from 12.5mg - 50mg and are small (and delicious!) enough to double up if need be!  Boxes contain either 2 or four truffles but I suspect larger orders are available upon request.

The truffles we looked at today were coconut, hazelnut, cocoa and double chocolate / cookie crumble.  The basic anatomy of each treat is pretty similar; am milker dark chocolate ball with a decadent gnash centre... each ball is then dusted with the various toppings.  The chocolate that is used is very high quality and is silky smooth and the toppings, which at first seemed more like a garnish, really added depth to each truffle!

25mg a pice means I'm in for 100mg and this certainly felt like 100mg!  These are infused with THC distillate so there isn't any cannabis smell or flavour to stress about and provide and uplifting, rather than lethargic experience.

I am very impressed with Merry Meltaways and loved these truffles!  Go check them out at