Chocolate Covered Sandwich Cookies from Sweet Jane Edibles

Hi Folks!  Today we are looking at the chocolate covered sandwich cookies from Sweet Jane Edibles!  Sweet Jane is a Canadian staple in the edible biz and they produce some top notch products.  This will be the first time I awn sampling their chocolate covered sandwich cookies.  White chocolate to be exact.  Now, you know what a sandwich cookie is, right?  They're Oreo's Fudgee O's, Pirate Peanut Butter Cookies and the like and a while back it became popular to dip them in chocolate.  A while before that some folks started putting weed in their cookies and somewhere along the way those people met up and good times were had!

Today I try three kinds of cookies; Coconut Cream, Mint Cream and Birthday Cake!  Each of these cookies are 75mg each and come two to a package... so if you're doing the math that means this bad boy is going to eat cookies for a total of 225mg.

We've talked a lot about the cookies... can we talk about the packaging?!  Sweet Jane has done a killer job with their packaging and they include all the information you may ever want!  Ingredients, calories (oh no!), warnings and contacts are all there!  The other thing present is an expiry date and a batch number so if something goes wrong, like you have a really tasty cookie but no magic, you can always contact Sweet Jane, give them that info and they will get to the bottom of it.   Nice!!

Effects wise.... these cookies were pretty awesome.  I routinely medicate with around 200mg and three of these brought me right were I needed to be... maybe even a little further!  Ha!

I am becoming a huge fan of Sweet Jane Edibles and look forward to trying out more of their line!  Do yourself a favour and check out