Aviator 3 Vaporizer from Puri5

Hi Everybody!!  Starting the week off right with another vaporizer from Puri5!  This time we are looking at the Aviator 3, the third instalment in Puri5's popular "Aviator" series aimed at new or first time users.  I am a HUGE fan of the Aviator 2 which, in my opinion, is one of the best entry level vapes to be had, so let's see how the Aviator 3 stacks up!

Right off the top, the Aviator 3 makes improvements where the previous incarnations were lacking - temperature control.  With 8 preset temperatures the Aviator 3 has waaaaaay more versatility when it comes to vaping temperatures.  The next change was neutral for me.... the mouthpiece.  The Aviator 3 retains the cool design of the Aviator 2 mouthpiece but they have replaced with screw on top with a quick release that is held in place with silicone rings. I'm old school so I like the security of the previous screw on top. but I get the practical aspects of the quick release and think many folks will like it!

I also found the Aviator 3 was slightly bigger and lighter than the previous versions.  I chalk up size due to needing the extra hardware for the expanded temperature control (and it is super minimal, like less than a cm2).  And while the lighter weight might make up for the large size, I felt more confident with the slightly sturdier build of the Aviator 2.

Something great however is the optional water bubbler adapter!  Puri5 has one of the best mini bubblers on the market and up until now the Aviator was left out of the fun!  Puri5 has just released an adapter that will finally bring the two together!  And the best part is that it is compatible with all previous releases of the Aviator!

For more information checkout Puri5.com