Twisted Tiramisu from CannaBiscotti

Got an unexpected package from CannaBiscotti… unexpected but totally welcome because it contains a few samples of their new biscotti flavour Twisted Tiramisu!! To be fair, this isn’t entirely new… this flavour was a part of their limited Christmas line but now it’s back and it’s back for good! And even better, they’ve boosted the THC count from 50mg to 60mg! Boom!

We all know CannaBiscotti is tops when it comes to packaging and labeling, and for a full bud extraction edible the flavour is second to none (don’t believe me, check out their 2017 Karma Cup trophy) but the effects… they are totally more than the sum of their parts. 60mg doesn’t sound like much but these cookies pack a punch!!

For more information check out canna biscotti’s website!