The Gig and The Gig Pro Concentrate Pens by Puri5

Hi Everybody!!  Today is going to be a lot of fun!  Puri5 has long been one of my favourite companies when it comes to inexpensive portable dry herb vapes.  They have always had a solid line with innovative products that preform well.... but there's always been something missing.  That "something" is a dedicated concentrate pen.

While other companies raced to get into the concentrate game with whatever products they could slap their name on, Puri5 played the waiting game... and it paid off big time, with the Gig and the Gig Pro.

First things first, the only real difference between these two pens is battery size. 320 mAh for the regular, 650 for the pro!  The first think you'll notice about the Gig is how it feels in your hand.  This is a very well manufactured device and you can tell just from the feel that this is a serious piece of hardware.

The atomizer is coilless which means it's going to have a slightly longer life than a coiled vape.  Atomizers on concentrate vapes need to be switched out every couple of months and the good news here is that replacements are only $15.

Performance wise... the Gig is a dream!  Four preset temps and the standard five click on / three to change temprature was easy-peasy and totally responsive.  The vaporizer was tasty and super smooth!!  I used about .1 - .2 of a gram of Granddaddy Purple Shatter from Wildrose Extracts and it was great!

Overall, very impressed with the Gig / Gig Pro.  This is one of the first times that I've looked at a pen and seen it as something more than a disposable toy.  The Gig is no toy, it's a tool and it's fantastic!  Highly Recommended!