Professer Frink Milk Chocolate Peanut Crunch Bar

Hi Folks!!  A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Nice Guy of @mrniceguycollective on IG and he recommended I try products from the Professor Frink line of edibles and I am glad I did!!  Today we will be looking at a super potent 350mg Milk Chocolate Peanut Crunch Bar!

The Peanut Crunch Bar is your classic chocolate and peanut chocolate bar.  The dimensions are roughly the same as a Crunch Bar but with peanuts instead of rice crisps.  For packaging we have a simple cellophane wrapper with and label, while nothing fancy it does contain all the necessary information.  The chocolate however, is the real star..... Frink uses premium milk chocolate for the base that is rich and smooth and the peanuts had a dry roast vibe to them!

The infusion is a concentrate and while there is no overt cannabis smell, I did detect a little something-something with the aftertaste... not a big weed flavour mind you, more of a hint of concentrate on the backend.

Overall I am very impressed with Professor Frink!  This was a fantastic edible that I highly recommend!

Contact - @mrniceguycollective