Wulf SLK Vape Pen from Wulfmods

Hi folks!!  Ever go some place you wanna get high at but you don't want to bring your favourite piece?  Or have you ever been out and about and needed coil pen like yesterday?  Like you go into a dispensary just to "browse" but end up leaving with six grams of three different concentrates?  And then you're like "yeah, I can make it home" but you can't on account of weed being awesome and you need it now so you head back to the dispensary and ask if they have any coil pens for the shatter.... and BOOM!  It's your lucky day because the pen they have is the Wulf SLK!  

The Wolf SLK is an awesome little $20 grab-and-go vape!  I'd almost call it disposable but it makes a handy back up to your back up!  The Wolf SLK is really pretty simple, variable volt slimline battery, single quartz coil.... pretty standard stuff, but it's $20 price tag make it great to take with with you anywhere you don/t want to take your main piece.  And from the looks of the packaging, I'd expect to see this retailed in dispensaries, headshops, cannabis festivals and outdoor concerts.  

I tested the vape using live resin from 91 Supreme.

While there is nothing revolutionary or even stand out about this vape, it's a neat little, almost disposable concentrate vape that is sure to save the day for someone caught without their gear!

For more information check out wulfmods.com