Baked Banana Gummies from Professor Frink Edibles

Hey Everybody!  I have my second review for Professer Frink today and this time we are looking at the Baked Banana Gummy Candy!  These come eight in a pack with each pack containing 200mg of THC distillate so each banana is about 25mg.   I'm big feller so went with all eight but most people will want to start with one or two.

Big fan of these!  Flavour and consistency were great!  Like a gummy-marshmallow hybrid!  And the 200mg of distillate was perfect for me in the day as I find distillate a little more heady and less of a couch lock experience.

These were obtained from Mr Nice Guy Collective who I can't say enough good things about!  For more information you gan visit the respective IG pages;

Professer Frink Edibles - @professerFrinkEdibles3.0
Mr Nice Guy Collective - @mrniceguycollective