Exotic Leaf Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Hey Everybody!!  If you are into edibles or infused dining then you are going to want to pay attention to this!  Exotic Leaf Cannabis Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an amazing product that will turn you into a certified canna-chef in seconds!  Or if you don't want to get that fancy, it's an easy way to add a little THC to just about any meal.

But I know what you're saying, cannabis infused olive oil ain't new, so what's the big deal here?  Well, the big deal is that Exotic Leaf goes beyond just dropping in some distillate or using last seasons trim for their oils, they use strain specific single strain oils with all of the terpenes intact.  I have three bottles.... LA Confidential, Blue Dream and Purple Passion and each one of these bottles is unique.  While I didn't pick up much if any cannabis smell or flavour (fair warning - I am pretty desensitized to the smell and taste of cannabis, however my wife said there was a 'slight' cannabis smell), there was a distinct difference in the flavour of the oils from the terpenes in the bud.  This was most prevalent in the Purple Passion, it had an underlying sweetness to it that is also found in the flower.

For today's review I prepared a three course meal... bead and oil, leafy greens and pesto over spaghetti squash, and I used a different oil for each!!  Dosing is super simple with Exotic Leaf, one tablespoon is 30mg and a teaspoon is 10mg.  If you want to go a little light then you can always off set you in fused olive oil with regular.  Super simple!!  The only bit of caution I would give you is that if you are preparing the olive oil using heat, keep the temperature below 300 degrees to avoid burning off any of the thc.  I find adding the oil in as a last step works fine!!

Honestly, this is one of the best edible products I have reviewed in some time.  The versatility alone would make this a winner but when you recognize the attention to detail and the care thoughtfulness that went into creating this product you will appreciate it even more!  Highly Recommended!!

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