G-Pen Elite Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  I am back with another vaporizer review and this time we are looking at the G-Pen Elite from Grenco Science.  Mine was sent to me courtesy of kingpenvapes.com

Grenco is an interesting company... they have been around for several years and have done a ton of branding collaborations, most notably with Snoop Dogg and other hip-hop artists, however not one of their products managed to capture the hearts of vaping consumers.... Until now.

The G-Pen Elite is small in size and big on performance!  As tiny as it is, the Elite still has some good weight to it and it doesn't just feel good in the hand... it feels like it belongs there!  The style is super sleek and it features one of the coolest temp displays I've ever seen!  Controls are simple.... standard 5 click on, plus and minus for temperature control.  For me the thing that sets the G-Pen Elite apart from other portable vapes is the chamber size!  You can fit a gram (or darn near it!) into this vape!  One of my biggest peeves on portables is the chamber size.... who measures cannabis in a quarter gram?!  I've got to vape 2 - 3 bowls to get where I want to go most times and can easily drain a battery in an evening doing so.... the chamber on the Elite goes waaaaaaay further than most!  For that reason alone, especially if you've got a high tolerance, it is seriously worth picking up one of these bad boys.

So do I like the G-Pen Elite?  You bet!!  And when you try it you will too!!