Candy Bag Extras from Treat Leaf Edibles

Hi Folks!!

Today we are taking a second look at Treat Leaf Edibles and their insanely popular Candy Bags! This time around we testing out the EXTRA version! The original Candy Bags are 40mg a piece and I had three of them in my last video! If you recall…. these bad boys had me on cloud nine! So this round, in order to be 100% scientifically accurate, I had to go with three of the 80’s. Ahem.

Before we get to the effects…. the packaging is some of the best I’ve seen outside of California. Every scrap of information you might possible want is there; ingredients, calories, type of infusion (distillate), appropriate warnings, contact information…. everything! And it’s all laid out in a beautiful, professional manner. If it wasn’t for the THC warning you’d think this was candy from Haribo.

Flavour wise these were fantastic! These were the Sherbert flavour and they were fantastic! Kind of a cross between cherry and vanilla… and the texture was fantastic! Pillowy little gummy squares! As for effects…. I was rocked! Three of these were 240mg and even though this was distillate, once you start cresting 200mg it all gets pretty heavy!!

In all, very impressed and so happy I got to try out the extras!! Do yourself a favour and check out Treat Leaf Edibles. IG @lifesatreat_