Mango Space Bears from Archaic Creationz

Today we are taking a second look at Archaic Creationz.  In my first video I had the Oh Hippy Bar and Double Chocolate Birthday Cake Fudge and I was impressed by both!  I've even had a second Oh Hippy since then and loved it just as much!  In this video we are going gummy with Mango Space Bears!

Mango Space Bears are cannabis infused gummy bears.  They come 15 to a pack, and are 10mg each for a total of 150mg per package.  This is a nice set up because you can really break down doses based on your tolerance.  The bears are infused with an MTC oil and present zero cannabis smell and flavour.... they DO however have the most mango-y mango smell and flavour that has ever been mangoed!  If you love mangos, this is your jam!  Mango jam!  I'm high right now.

Aaaaaannnnyways, the texture was just as good as any store bought non-thc gummy bear and the high... well that was just so damn cozy!  I had the whole pack for 150mg and that worked well for me!

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