Three Premium Strains from Sesh Cannabis

Hey Everybody!!  This is a companion video to my Sesh Cannabis First Impressions!  Today we take a look at three premium strains from Sesh Cannabis;  Acapulco Gold, Day Tripper and White Castle!

Typically, I have to do a little research and prep for my strain reviews.  I refer to Leafly, Lift and various other cannabis journals to find out what the desired expression of a particular flower and include that information into the review.... with Sesh, they've done a lot of the heavy lifting for me!!  The packaging includes everything - from a fancy description of the flower, potency and lineage, to flavours, effects and other details.  Very impressive!!

And the packaging isn't the only other impressive thing... the flowers are amazing!  Acapulco Gold is a classic strain and I've tried many variations of it over the years and if I am using this as the litmus test for Sesh, they pass with filling clouds!!

Between the other two... as much as I liked the Day Tripper and it's cheesy undertones, the White Castle is what did I it for me!  Great strain!!

For more information you can connect with Sesh through their website