Pulsar Go Series Thick Oil Vape

Hi Folks!  Today we are looking at the second vaporizer is the Pulsar Go Series of vapes... this is the thick oil vape, perfect for things like distillate, old school cherry oil or any thicker liquid concentrate.  Best part?  This vape sells for less than $30!!

Let me get this out of the way first... a $30 vape is not going to be your answer if you're looking for a new daily driver BUT this is a FANTASTIC device to take with you on the go or to bring with you to places you don't want to bring your premium vape to.  And because it uses a refillable oil cartridge you can load this thing up once and be good for the weekend!

This vape has a draw and go design which means it works the same as most one piece e-cigs.... place you tips on and draw.  No on / off, no temperature, no problem!!  It doesn't get easier than this.

Just about the only that is a little tricky is filling the cartridge as the space between the glass and the centre shaft is tight.  Be patten and you'll do fine!

The concentrate I used in today's video was Grape THC Distillate from Diamond Concentrates.  It was awesome, show them some love - diamondconcentrates.ca

For more information on the Pulsar Go Series Thick Oil Vaporizer you can connect with pulse through their website - pulsarvaporizers.com