Madagascar Brownie from York's Edibles

Hey Everybody!!  Picked up another great product from York's Edibles... the Madagascar Brownie!!  Really impressed with the whole York's product line, if you haven't seen any of my other reviews for them do yourself a favour and check them out!!

This Madagascar Brownie clocks in at 250mg of THC and is infused with canna butter, though you'd hardly know it from the smell and taste... effects wise however, this is one that will knock you on your butt!!  This edible had me feeling like Jello for the better part of four hours!!

The brownie itself was very good... it had a fresh, crumbly, melt-in-your-mouth texture as opposed to the heavy fudge texture of most brownies!  It was a nice light treat with heavy, heavy effects!  Lol!

For more information on any of York's product you can check them out here