Chasing Calm Stashbox by StormeBud

Hey Everybody!!  Today we are looking at an awesome stash box from StormeBud!  This is one of those classic book-style stash boxes that you've always heard about but never seen. It's handcrafted from Basswood and has a faux-leatherbound cover.

Inside the box you'll find four stash jars that hold between 7 and 14 grams depending on the bud and a side compartment for all of your tools.  Everything is held in place with a powerful magnet on the lid and high quality hinges.

I was very impressed with both the look and performance... This is a very practical stash box that will hold it all (minus a bong....) and is a great way to keep you dirty little secret hidden in plain sight.

For more information or to pick one up of your very own check out