X Max V2 Revisit w/ Glass Accessories

Hey Everybody!!  Today we are taking a trip down memory lane... sorta.  We are revisiting the very first vaporizer I ever reviewed, the X Max V2!  Top Green sent me out an updated model along with a glass accessory kit so let's get going!!

I got my first X Max v2 back in 2015 and I still use it today!!  This is one of the great things about a vape with a replaceable battery... longevity!  The new one I received in the mail is even nicer as it has a slightly updated control and new glass accessories (extra).  The updated controls are simple... click three times to turn on and hold button for two seconds to advance temperature through the five preset levels.  This is a conduction vaporizer with a fairly large ceramic chamber.  Flavour on the x-max is great likely due to the fact it makes use of an isolated air intake with lots of venting.

Glass accessories.... for me the glass mouthpiece and the ground glass are almost interchangeable.  Yes the fit is a little more snug on a bond with the ground glass but they both work!  The water tool however is really great!  No drip and super easy to use, this little bubbler is mighty and effective!!

As you already know... I am a big fan of the X Max V2 and think that this is one of the best starter vapes as well as a great little portable to take with you on the road!!

For more information or to pick one up of your very own you can connect with Top Green HERE!