Culture Vape Pens

Hey Everybody!!  I am pumped up for today's review!!  We've had a chance to try out quite a few vape pens and concentrate cartridges here and today we are looking at what has quickly become one of my favourites!  The Culture Vape Pen!!

The Culture Vape Pen is a simple and sleek one piece vape pen with a draw-and-go design.  It features a matte black finish, a HUGE reservoir that holds 400mg of high quality BHO.  I dig the oval design in that it keeps the pen from rolling away from you and the draw resistance is fantastic!  The atomizer features a ceramic burner and has been tested to ensure there are no heavy metals present.  

The Culture Pen is rated for 150 draws and in this video I put that number to the test!!  Check it out to see how it preforms!!

For more information you can connect with Culture Pens through their Instagram page HERE!