Artisan Truffles and Canna-Twix by Royal Highness

Hey Everybody!! Today we are taking a look at a new high end edible maker out of Toronto that is producing some very nice looking truffles and has a killer version of old favourite... Twix!!  Say hello to Royal Highness!!

Let's start with the Truffles!  I had a box of four with flavours ranging from Espresso, Tangerine, Mint and White Chocolate Raspberry and let me tell you, they looked as good as they tasted!  Each one appeared to be hand crafted and contained an amazing amount of detail.  The butter chocolate was high quality and so smooth and was the perfect covering for the decadent ganosh within!  Each of these came in at 25mg.

The Twix bar was a very nice take on the classic candy.  Instead of long fingers we got nice, bite sized squares that are 50mg each.  a nice balance of chocolate, cookie and Carmel!!  Very cool!!

Royal Highness only infuses with Full Spectrum cannabis dirivitives; either classic canna butter, infused coconut butter or coconut oil.  It wasn't made clear which extraction was used in these but I'm leaning towards the coconut butter as I think I may have detected a hint of it on the truffles.  What I didn't detect however, was the smell or flavour of cannabis!

I was very impressed with these products and they were fantastically potent!  For more information you can connect with Royal Highness through their website HERE!