Oh Hippy Bar and Double Chocolate Birthday Cake Fudge from Archaic Creationz

Hey Everybody!!  Back from a short break and today I am jumping in with both feet as we have TWO products from Canadian edible producers Archaic Creationz!

First up is the Vegan Oh Hippy bar which is also made with 100% organic ingredients.  This is their take on the Oh Henry bar and consists of a 70% dark chocolate shell and a cashew based nugget that is pretty damn good!  The Oh Hippy weighs in at a mighty 150mg.

Next we have the Double Chocolate Birthday Cake Fudge which is exactly what it sounds like.  Added points for the great balance between sweet and flavourful!  The package contained 2 pieces with each piece being 50mg.

Both of these items are infused with an MTC oil tincture infused with BHO and CBD isolate.

For the sake of the video I went with a 200mg combination that consisted of the Oh Hippy Bar and one square of fudge.  Check out the video to see how that worked out for me!!

For more information on either of these products you can connect with Archaic Creationz through their website HERE or through social media @archaic_creationz