Moonrocks from

Hey Everybody!  You've heard about Moonrocks, right?  The premium cannabis nug that's covered in oil and dusted in kief?  Of course you have!  I've been hearing about them for years and this is the first time I got my hands on some!  I found mine through (super easy sign up, huge selection, very discrete)

Granted, all I got was a gram so the specimens we are looking at are pretty small and we're not going to get that awesome weed-porn pull apart you see all over Instagram (hint; those gooey moonrocks are about 10 seconds old) but these were very good!!

Moonrocks come in a variety of flavours, I went with the original because that's cannabis flavour because I don't mess around.  I'm in this for the weed, lol!  But, if you're interested you can get Moonrocks in some pretty nifty designer flavours like peach, strawberry and watermelon.

Moonrocks are best smoked out of a pipe or a bong so that's exactly what I did!  The smoke was flavourful and very hard hitting!  What I liked was that I could actually make out the flavour of the oil for the first few draws and that quickly turned to very kushy.  Moonrocks burn quite well also.  I was finding I was having to light it less than a regular bowl.

In all, very impressed and will certainly be ordering again!  For more information you can check out or if you'd like to get some of your very own, head on over to