Banana Cake from Bad Bees

Okay!!  Here is the final product from my Bad Bees haul that started about six weeks ago!!  It's been quite a trip!!  Before we get into the Banana Cake, I'd just like to say how positive the experience with bad Bees has been!  the products have all been very consistent both in quality and effects!  I hope to see more of them in the future!!

The Banana Cake we looked at today was very much in line with the other cake / loaves that come from Bad Bees.  Very moist and no shortage of toppings... in this case HUGE chocolate chips!!  The dry sift hash is well masked in this product and I did not pick up any cannabis flavour.

Effects wise... this was right in line with every other Bad Bees 100mg product, so I am quite pleased with that!  The dry sift has infusions feel very full bodied with a lot of muscle relaxation.  I'm a big fan!!

For more information or to pick some up of your very own you can connect with Bad Bees through their Instagram page; @bad.bees


photo credit @bad.bees IG