GSC Vape Pen from the Secret Garden

Hey Everybody!!  Today we are looking at a vape pen from The Secret Garden that was purchased through HybridFast!  This is the second pen I've tried from The Secret Garden and I am becoming a big fan!!

This vape pen is really a cartridge and battery combination.  the battery is pretty standard, 5 click on, press to draw 350 mah device.  The cartridge on the other hand, is anything but standard!  It contains a Girl Scout Cookies distillate that is over 95% pure and has gone through a 120hr purge.  Yo... those are impressive stats, but how's it vape?

AMAZING!!  I consider a lot of vape pens to be microdosing devices... great to maintain when in delicate situations but hardly a get-you-there-on-its-own device.  This is NOT one of those devices!  I was feeling that GSC goodness inside of three draws!  The draws were nice an smooth and I did not experience any clogging during testing!  The concentrate inside is a little thick so you may have to prime the buttons for a couple seconds on your first draw but that's really the only disclaimer I can think of!!

Great product!!  For more information you can check out The Secret Garden HERE!

To pick one up of your very own head on over to