300mg Peanut Butter Brownie from Mota

Well hello world!!  I just had the best sleep ever and it's thanks to the 300mg brownie that we're taking at look at today!!  This brownie came to me from Mota via HybridFast and is made up of a 200mg brownie and a 100mg peanut butter icing for a total of 300mg.

Mota has been around for a few years and they were actually the first commercial grade edibles I ever tried!  Mota uses a patented derivative oil that give great effects more often than not has a little-to-no cannabis smell.

So.... 300mg.  Not to be taken lightly!!  Even a quarter of this is going to net you 75mg so only the experienced need apply.  The brownie itself was moist and delicious and the peanut butter icing was a nice touch.  Mota has done a fantastic job standardizing their edibles so they have more of that store bought know-what-to-expect quality rather than that homemade feel.

Effects wise... I was on the moon with this one.  Very potent and a really nice come on.  The oil infusion really hit the spot!  I even had a little nap in there and there was still a little lingering after.  Very nice!!

For more information you can check out Mota HERE or to pick one up of your very own you can head over to HybridFast.ca