Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Sandwich Cookies from Kaptain Kakes

Hey Everybody!!  I've got a very special edible review today on Kaptain Kakes!  captain Takes is an artisan edible producer from out west and I have been enjoying their edibles for the better part of a year now!  The products you get from Kaptain Kakes are not your typical commercial produced edibles, think more along the lines of a farmers market or a bake sale.  Every item is hand made and is ridiculously decadent!  You're not going to get fancy packaging or nutritional information (not a bad thing.... I don't know if I want to know how many calories are in one of these bad boys!!) but what you are going to get is very potent, very delicious edibles that might as well have been baked up by Martha Stewart... with Snoops input, of course.

The peanut butter chocolate chip sandwich cookie is AMAZING!!  Although there was no dosage information, I put it at around 100mg.  There was a very slight cannabis smell taste but it worked very well with the product!  Peanut butter is one of those ingredients that masks cannabis really well!  The filling was cream cheese icing and I'm not sure if it was infused as well but it tasted great and added a nice texture overall.

Kaptain Kakes has a very wide menu and many of their products can be made to order!  I've had S'mores bars, cherry pies and various cookies and they've all been fantastic!

For more information you can checkout Kaptain Kakes Instagram page for more - IG @kaptainkakes