HybridFast.ca - 3rd Order (Love Potion #1, Chocolate Kush & GodBerry)

Hey Everybody!  Just got my 3rd order in from HybridFast!  This time I grabbed an eighth of Love Potion #1, Chocolate Kush and Godberry!  Godberry has gotten crazy popular lately and this was my first try.... very nice!!

I also picked up a GSC filled vape pen from The Secret Garden that boasts 95.35% purity and a 300mg Peanut Butter Brownie from Mota.  We dig deep into the flowers in this video but the brownie and vape will get their own!

I'm very impressed with HybridFast and will be posting a comprehensive review in the next few weeks that conversation everything from the signup process to the delivery times!  If you can't wait for that and want to get at the good stuff now head on over to HybridFast.ca to find out more.