Warm Earth Oil by Dr. Errl Extracts

Hey Everybody!  This a review that has been a long time coming!  I first found out about Dr. Errl Extracts through the Karma Cup.  Dr. Errl had the Fresh Balsam Oil entered into the Topicals category and took second place as well as a booth where you could see there whole line of products and meet the people behind them!  I was so impressed with what Dr. Errl's had to offer and knowledgable the owner Mark and his staff were.

Topicals are not your typical THC product.... as the name suggests you apply them directly to the skin.  They are a fantastic way to treat pain and inflammation at the source providing significant muscle relaxation and pain relief, and in my experience, theses products typically don't have any psychoactive effects, meaning they don't get you high.  This makes topical an amazing option for for situations where you need more of your wits about you.

I medicate mainly for PTSD, not so much for aches or pains, so I've had this product a while waiting for an opportunity to try it.  In the mean time, my Father-in-Law was looking for something to address the pain he was having in his neck from compressed disks.  He'd tried everything from cortisol shots to acupuncture and noting was working.  The doctors hated to put him on a mild opate but we were having none of that.  Now, my Father-in-Law is not a cannabis guy, in fact, I think his words were "None of that hippy-dippy bull sh*t for me" so we just gave it to him without tell him.  And it worked,  It worked really, really well!  It reduced his pain by about 80% and increased his range of motion!  Obviously, this did not cure his compressed disks but what it did do was address the inflammation while reducing the pain which in turn allowed for more mobility in the area.  Amazing!!

Then a few weeks ago I ended up pulling something in my back which aggravated an old injury and well.... here we are!  And I'm happy to report that all of the good things I heard from my FiL came true with me!!  And the added bonus... this is a FANTASTIC massage oil!!

For me, when applied topically the effects lasted for about four and half hours and the effects were felt within five minutes of applying.  This is a great oil that absorbs well and a little goes a long way!  The oil comes in a 30ml bottle with all the pertinent information printed wight on the label.

Dr. Errl Extracts Warm Earth Oil is a fantastic product that I highly recommend!  For more information or to pick some up of your very own you can connect with Dr. Errl Extracts HERE!