Strawberry Diesel Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Hey Everybody!!  Today we are taking a look at Strawberry Diesel from Broken Coast Cannabis.  It's said that this strain can be helpful with pain, depression and fatigue on the medical side and on the rec side this is a fantastic daytime strain that is great for activities.

Bud wise, Broken Coast's Strawberry Diesel is a delight!  Beautiful, robust buds, long fingerlings perfectly indicative of what a sativa should be.  I was very impressed!!  Trichomes were plentiful and cloudy and indicated this was going to be some potent flower.

The smell was an interesting combination of sweet and gassy which was reflected in the taste.  I found the vaporizer to be smooth and flavourful and the effects were right in line.  Very nice!

For more information on this strain you can check out Broken Coasts website HERE!

The vaporizer I used in today's video is the Loki Touch.  You can see my full review HERE!

 The Loki is a touch screen conduction vape that is a lot of fun!  It produces great vaporizer, is super easy to use and provides cool, tasty vaporizer via the long air path.  If you'd like to pick one up for yourself use promo code "kushbury" at or