High Dose Chocolate Bar by The Canna Chocolatier

Hey Everybody!  We are back with another product from one of my all time favourite edible producers - The Canna Chocolatier!  Today we are looking at the High Dose Chocolate Bar!!

But before we get started I've got to give this video some context!  When I shot this video back in November there was crazy influx of people sending in sexy videos and pictures to The Canna Chocolatier's IG page.... Both girls & guys dancing and eating chocolate,  tossing their clothes to the side and stowing away secret pieces in the waist band of their panties (if you don't believe me, go back and check it out!).  Anyways, when I'm stoned I sometimes think I'm funny and that always ends with me doing something naked on camera.  That may have happened here.  Whatever, I'm learning.  Regardless, in the weeks and months since, not a naked fan post to speak of so if this review seems a little weird, just go with it.  Maybe take your own top off and we can get comfortable with our bodies together.  I don't really know where this is going so I'll just get back to the task at hand.... 

This was a 250 mg Fudgee-o & Milk bar.  I've had this flavour in bite form before but this was the first time in a bar.  The bites had a soft and creamy gnash in them that I was expecting here, but it was absent.  In it's place the Fudgee-o bits were mixed into the body of the chocolate bar and it worked quite well!

The quality of the chocolate was superb!  Very creamy and flavourful and zero cannabis flavour.  The Canna Chocolatier infuses all of his treats individually using lab tested THC distillate which is why we get that fantastic weed-free smell and flavour!  Now, 250 mg is not for the faint of heart.  First timers will just want to stick with a square or two and leave larger doses to the professionals.  Since this is infused with a distillate rather than a full bud extraction, the experience is cleaner feeling , with less of a couch-lock body high and more of a cerebral feeling that lends itself well to daytime activities and creative pursuits.

As I mentioned off the top, The Canna Chocolatier is one of my favourite edible producers and this High Dose Chocolate bar does nothing but reinforce that notion!

For more information checkout The Canna Chocolatier's IG page @thecannachocolatier