HybridFast.ca - 10g Sample Pack

HybridFast.ca is a new online dispensary in Canada with some really great product!!  They feature weekly $99 ounce specials and a wide variety of flowers, concentrates and edibles!

This is a second look at my first order which also included a half oz of Romulan Smalls and a full ounce of Bubble Kush.  Today we are taking a closer look at the 10 gram sample pack!  Pay close attention to the Grizzly Purple!!

I wasn't sure what the breakdown was going to be but what I go was 9 grams of cannabis and 1 gram of Afgani Hash (woo-hoo!).  HybridFast.ca has a HUGE selection of flower and their sample pack is the BEST way to try a wide variety!  What I really like is that these are premium strains.... not just what's available at a certain price point!  Very cool!!

For more information checkout HybridFast.ca!