Freshly Baked Cookies by The Munchy Brothers

Hey Everybody!   Today we will be looking at Freshly Baked Cookies from The Munchy Brothers! But these are not just your ordinary, run of the mill cannabis cookie… these are cookies you BAKE YOURSELF!  You see, The Munchy Brothers looked at the edible sector and saw that it was lacking a fresh baked option and went to work.   What they came up with is the Freshly Baked cookies we’ll be looking at today!!

The Munchy Brothers are new on the scene and are in the process of setting up distribution.  If you are a consumer, your best bet is to contact them through their website or social media to find out who carries them or if delivery is available in your area.  If you have commercial interests and would like to add the Munchy Brothers products to your store a quick email through their website will get the ball rolling!  Their website is and IG is @munchybrothers

Cookie Dough Balls come two to a package and are 25mg per cookie or 50mg per package.  They are made with cannabutter which is a full bud extraction so the experience is very full bodied and robust.  Packs of cookies run $20 each.  The most unique thing about The Munchy Brothers product is that you bake them at home!  They are always fresh, always hot from the oven and always delicious!!

I had two varieties of cookies… chocolate chip and mint chocolate chip.  The package gives you a time range of 12 - 15 minutes for baking and I went with 12 as I like me a soft baked cookie!  What I got was crispy on the outside and ooey gooey good on the inside…. PERFECT!!  The chocolate chip smelled and tasted amazing and I did not detect any cannabis smell or flavour.  The Mint Chocolate Chip was also delicious but I did find the these ones had a bit of a cannabis kick to them that worked very well with the mint flavouring.  During the baking process there was a slight cannabis smell but it was waaaaaaaaaaay less than what you might expect.


Freshly Baked Cookies Effects:


Start Time: 11:00am    

Starting to feel effects: 11:45am

Effects strong feeling set in: 12:00pm

Effect coming down: 3:00pm

These are great edibles!!  I ended up having two of them for a total of 50mg and I felt fantastic!!  The slogan for the company is “Eat One and Have Fun” so this is a product that is more geared to enhancing your day or yourself in a nice, light, clear headed way.  And being that each cookie is 25mg that makes this a fantastic product for people just getting into the edible market while still providing great value for the more experienced.  I’m very impressed!


Taste:  97/100

Effects:  90/100

Looks & Packaging: 95/10