Cupcakes by Green Goddess Canna Confections

Green Goddess Canna Confections – Cupcakes

Green Goddess Overview:

Green Goddess Canna Confections is a very new edible company on the Toronto scene!  They provide a variety of edibles from baked goods, to gummies to infused drink mixes!  Their menu is very impressive!

Accessing Green Goddess Canna Confections:

Connect with Green Goddess Canna Confections through their Instagram page @GreenGoddessCC or via email

Green Goddess Pricing & Selection:

The pricing at Green Goddess starts at $8 for sample packs and $15 - $20 for individual items.  They have price breaks for bulk orders and are in the process of putting together gift baskets!  Wow!

Unique to Green Goddess:

Packaging!  Green Goddess has commercial grade packaging and provides a ton of information on each item!  Everything looks like it could have been purchased from a boutique shop!  

Cupcakes Smell, Texture, Taste:

I tried two cupcakes…. the Double Chocolate Hershey’s and the Red Velvet.  Both of them were off the hook delicious!!  The label says CANNABUTTER but the taste says distillate!  I really had to search for the cannabis flavour, especially in the Double Chocolate brownie!  The texture of the cake was out of this world!  So moist and so fresh!!  If it wasn’t for the super high potency of 220mg I’d have eaten both of them on the spot (instead I settled for half of each!).  The icing was thick and rich and the presentation was top notch!  

Cupcake Effects:

Start Time: 10:00am    

Starting to feel effects:10:45am

Effects strong feeling set in: 11:00am

Effect coming down: 2pm

Wow…. you have got to give Green Goddess Canna Confections a try, if only for the cupcakes!  They are really out of this world!  I must admit, after tasting them I was a little skeptical about the effects I was going to have due to the overly mild cannabis flavour but was I wrong to doubt!  These were FANTASTIC!  Really good for pain, anxiety and sleep!  Highly recommended!!


Taste:  93/100

Effects:  90/100

Looks & Packaging: 80 /100