EDT Vape Pen Review

Hey Everybody!  I became aware of the company EDT over the Karma Cup weekend!  EDT stands for Elite Distillates and Terpenes and that is exactly whats loaded into this pen!

EDT's pen was one of the entries (and I was super impressed with it in the blind testing) and they reached out to me so I was excited to get to do a proper review on their pen.

A couple of notable things that set this pen apart from others.... EDT has partnered with Gen X Technology for the pen hardware, Gen X has won numerous awards for their pens so you know they are going to be durable and will preform as advertised.  Another notable feature, and this is the most important, is what's in the cartridge.... concentrates using a patented process from Trinity Labs that is free of all chemicals, fillers and thinners.  Furthermore, the concentrates use only cannabis derived terpenes so you don't have to worry about contaminants or other plant matter messing with the experience.

EDT's vape pen is a step above most other pens on the market and and their profiled concentrate carts are out of this world good!

For more information check out their IG page at @EDT420