Ponder Bar and Twonkies Edible Reviews

Herbivores Edibles - Ponder Bar and Twonkie

Herbivores Edibles Overview:

Herbivores Edibles is a unique edible company that offers infused versions of your favorite treats!  They are connected with Exotica Farms and greenhouseexclusives.ca



Accessing Herbivores Edibles:


Herbivores is quite active on the pop up scene and can be found at many local Toronto cannabis events as well as online dispensaries such as greenhouseexclusives.ca



Herbivores Edibles Pricing & Selection:



Lots of selection with Herbivores …. all your favorite snack cakes infused with THC distillate (Twinkies, Berry Rolls, Dong Kongs, etc) to your favorite chocolate bars (Reese is now Racers, Wunderbar Ponderbar, etc).  Prices range from $10 - $15 depending on potency.



Unique to Herbivores Edibles:



What makes Herbivores unique is that they infuse existing products with THC distillate.  You already know what the product is, what its ingredients are and how it tastes…. now it gets you stoned too!!  


Ponderbar / Twonkie Smell, Texture, Taste:


The good thing about infusing with THC distillate is that there is zero cannabis smell and taste!  And when it’s added directly to individual products you are more likely to get the full intended dose and not have to rely on the distillate being mixed evenly into the batch.


Ponder bar / Twonkie Effects:


Start Time: 12:00pm    

Starting to feel effects:12:45pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 12:55pm

Effect coming down: 2:45pm

This was a very nice experience!  My total THC intake was 200mg of THC and it hit the spot just right.  For me, distillate edibles are more suited to the daytime as they give me all the effects of a full bud extraction without the tiredness.  I also find the effects of distillate edibles to be a little shorter in duration than butter which is good if you have plans later!






Taste:  90/100

Effects:  85/100

Looks & Packaging: 80 /100