CannaBiscotti Edible Review

CannaBiscotti – Lemon Poppyseed, White Chocolate Almond and
Chocolate Peanut Butter

CannaBiscotti – Lemon Poppyseed, White Chocolate Almond and
Chocolate Peanut Butter
The CannaBiscotti Overview:

CannaBiscotti was formed in 2016 by two medical cannabis patients and are the
2017 Karma Cup first place winners in the Cannabutter edible category. As you
might have guessed, the make biscotti… with cannabis in it. Or more specifically
made with cold pressed virgin coconut oil infused with cannabis.

Accessing CannaBiscotti:
CannaBiscotti can be found at higher end canna events in and around Toronto and
can be found online at They have receintly started promoting their
product through, the cannabis gift basket company.

CannaBiscotti Pricing & Selection:
Biscotti is priced at $7 per piece or 4 for $20.

Unique to CannaBiscotti
CannaBiscotti’s overall packaging and presentation is what sets it apart from the
pack. The feature commercial grade, shelf stable packaging, consistant look and
portioning and reasonable dosage that’s easy to scale. Oh yeah, and a wonderful
tasting infused biscotti!

CannaBiscotti Smell Texture, Taste:
The three biscotti I tried were fantastic! These are infused with a full bud extraction
so there is a hint of cannabis smell and flavor but it was much less than I was
anticipating. The biscotti’s I’ve had in the past have all been very hard and
sometimes cut the roof of your mouth, not these! While they are still true to their
biscotti form there is just enough softness there to make this a very pleasant eating
experience. I also found some of the flavor selections did a good job of masking the
cannabis… lemon poppyseed and chocolate peanut butter were especially good at

Chocolate Bites Effects:
Start Time: 1:30pm
Staring to feel effects: 2:15pm
Effects strong feeling set in: 2:30pm
Effect coming down: 4:45pm
CannaBiscotti is where the edible industry needs to go and as far as I’m concerned
are setting the bar for what a legalized edible product should be. Their karma Cup
victory was well earned when you consider all the things they are doing right. Do
yourself a favour and connect with them online to find out where they will be next,
you will not be disappointed.


Taste: 98/100
Effects: 98/100
Looks & Packaging: 98/100