Mary J's Munchies Blazed Brownies

Mary J’s Munchies – Blazed Brownies
Mary J’s Munchies Overview:

Mary J’s Munchies is a new edible company in Toronto that first made a name for
themselves with variations of the two-bite brownie. Their menu has recently
expanded to include cookies and medicated milkshakes! If you haven’t had a chance
to see the milkshake review, check it out.. the shake was awesome!

Accessing Mary J’s Munchies:
Mary J’s Munchies can be accessed in a variety of ways. They participate quite often
in local canna vendor events such as the Canna Farmers Market and often host their
own customer appreciation parties. The best way to find out where and when they
will be popping up is by accessing them on Instagram @maryjsmunchies905

Mary J’s Munchies Pricing & Selection:
The two bite brownies are 100mg and go for $5 a piece but Mary J’s offers bulk
discounts at events… this can range can start at 3 for $10, 7 for $20, etc

Unique to Mary J’s Munchies:
Mary J’s likes to give back. If you go by their Instagram page you’ll see that they are
always participating in cannabis community events and are big with gift bags and

Blazed Brownies Smell, Texture, Taste:
These are based on the Two Bite Brownies but they were a tiny bit bigger! The red
velvet was fantastic… super tasty, great texture and just a hint of cannabis flavor
that was masked quite well by the flavor of the icing. The second one I tried was the
blondie and it was just as tasty. The cannabis flavor was a little more noticeable in
this one but it was well within the acceptable range!

Blazed Brownies Effects:
Start Time: 1:00pm
Staring to feel effects:1:45pm
Effects strong feeling set in: 2:10pmm
Effect coming down: 4pm
These were very nice edibles!! Effects came on nicely and were very relaxing. A lot
of dry mouth with these but that’s to be expected with strong edibles. Duration was
great and comedown was also very nice! I’m a fan!


Taste: 93/100
Effects: 90/100
Looks & Packaging: 80 /100