Mary J's Munchies Medicated Milkshakes

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Mary J’s Munchies – Medicated Milkshake
Mary J’s Munchies Overview:

Mary J’s Munchies is a new edible company in Toronto that first made a name for
themselves with variations of the two-bite brownie. Their menu has recently
expanded to include cookies and the product I am going to try today… the 200mg
Medicated Milkshake!!

Accessing Mary J’s Munchies:
Mary J’s Munchies can be accessed in a variety of ways. They participate quite often
in local canna vendor events such as the Canna Farmers Market and often host their
own customer appreciation parties. The best way to find out where and when they
will be popping up is by accessing them on Instagram @maryjsmunchies905

Mary J’s Munchies Pricing & Selection:
Milkshakes are 200mg and come in a variety of flavours including all time favorites
chocolate, vanilla and strawberry and sell for $10.

Unique to Mary J’s Munchies:
One thing that really stands out abut Mary J’s Munchies is how they like to give back
to the community. I recently attended one of their social media follower parties and
was really impressed with everything. Door cover included medicated treats,
complimentary dabs and there were dozens of giveaways going on.

Medicated Milkshake Smell, Texture, Taste:
I really didn’t know what to expect going in on this one…. Maybe a weedy dairy
sludge? I gave the bottle a shake and cracked the seal and instantly my fears were
put to rest. Zero weed smell. The shake was pure chocolate goodness! It was silky
smooth going down and there was no weed flavor! I’m guessing they are infused
with some sort of distillate but whatever it is, it works!!

Medicated Milkshake Effects:
Start Time: 10:00am
Staring to feel effects:10:35am
Effects strong feeling set in:11:00am
Effect coming down: 2pm
This was interesting. The effects came on rather quickly…. I had it at 10am on an
empty stomach and started feeling it within 35 – 40 minutes. The duration was
good, it lasted until 2pm…. The effects were good, mostly head but some body and
when they left they did not leave me feeling tired.


Taste: 95/100
Effects: 90/100
Looks & Packaging: 80 /100