Arizer Air Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  I am back with a special vaporizer review!  Why is it special?  Because this time instead of just testing on my own I’ve got Brent and Brook from helping me out!  Today we are looking at the Arizer Air!  The Air has been on the market for some time and is actually the sequel of sorts to my very first vaporizer the Arizer Solo.  Arizer is a Canadian company located in Kitchener Ontario and are very well known on the international market for creating high quality devices that deliver great performance.

The secret to Arizer’s successes is simplicity.  Their vaporizers are essentially portable heaters with a glass mouthpiece.  The Solo was somewhat industrial looking; a thick black cylinder with a bank of LEDS and a glass stem, but it preformed soooo well.  It was one of the most recommended starter vapes from 2012 – 2014.  The Solo however had a few short comings…. It was a little bulky, the stems were just a tad too long and there was no way to change the battery once it started loosing its charge capacity.  The Air addresses all of those shortcomings and then some!!

The Air used the Solo as a blueprint…. Solid industrial construction but this time in a much more streamlined device.  Where the Solo resembled a toilet paper tube the Air is like a really thick marker and they did a really good job of shortening the stems without changing the smoothness of the vapor!  The big improvement though is the battery… instead of a built in battery that you can’t get at, the Air is powered by a removable and replaceable 18650 battery!

Performance wise, the Air rocks!  This is a hybrid conduction / convection vaporizer.  You pack the end of the glass stem and insert it into the oven.  There is very little if any contact made between your material and the oven, rather when you inhale you draw hot air through your material causing the vaporization.  The sides of the glass stem do heat up and there is an element of conduction there but and good portion of what is going on is convection.

I’m also a big fan of the accessories the Air comes with!  A handy belt loop, extra stems and stem caps make this one of the more portable portables if you catch my drift!

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