Sofa King Good Bakery Edible Review

Sofa King Good Bakery Overview:

Sofa King Good Bakery is a Toronto based edibles company. The company was started to provide medical patients lab tested edibles with quality they can trust but have expanded to include the recreational side of the industry as well. Sofa King Good Bakery recently won their first award through the Mastah Glass edible series with these very cupcakes!

Accessing Sofa King Good Bakery:

Sofa King is currently working on their webstore but they can be contacted directly through their Instagram(@sfgbakery) or through email ( and are often participants of The Green Market.

Sofa King Good Bakery Pricing & Selection:

Sofa King has a unique selection of baked goods, cereal bars, chocolates and gummies. THC and CBD content varies depending on the product but the Maple Bacon cupcake from today’s review contained 125mg of THC and 45mg of CBD and retails for $15.

Unique to Sofa King Good Bakery

Sofa King uses high quality lab tested THC distillate and CBD isolate in all of their edibles as opposed to cannabutter or infused coconut oil. This helps with more precise dosing per edible and eliminates any of the cannabis smell and flavor usually associated with edibles.

Maple Bacon Cupcake Smell, Texture, Taste:

This cupcake was a treat! Because Sofa King uses distillate and isolate there is zero cannabis flavor or odor, which is amazing! Often times when I open an edibles package I feel like I’m sending out the weed bat-signal due to the overwhelming cannabis smell that comes off them but that was not the case with this cupcake!
The cake itself was rich and moist and the frosting was delicious! It even came with an “injection kit” which is essentially a syringe filled with maple syrup that you put into the cupcake. This “flavor injection” not only gets the maple in there but it makes the cake itself super gooey and tasty!

Maple Bacon Cupcake Effects:

The effects came on rather quickly. I consumed this on an empty stomach pretty early in the day and started to feel it come on after about 35 – 45 minutes. This can be described as relaxing of the muscles, softening of the eyes… lots of grinning! By 60 – 70 minutes in I was feeling the full effects. Very pleasant, warm and relaxing! This sensation plateaued and lasted for about 3.5 – 4 hours at which point I took a short 15 minute power nap. The effects left very cleanly, what I mean by that is there was no residual lethargy, by 5pm I no longer felt any of the effects and was not left with an “edible hangover” which for me is just running a little slower, if you know what I mean.

Effects wise this was great for pain… I had strained my lower back at the gym and was having a hard time with any sort of lifting or bending, that pain went from an 8 to a 2 with this edible. Also great for depression and insomnia as my mood was perfect all day long and it put me into nap time (I’m not a napper!). It was also a very clear headed high, I was able to think and remain productive through the day!

I am also very impressed with the fact that there was CBD present. So often in the world of edibles it seems like we’re chasing milligrams of THC and not giving any thought to CBD. Even if you are not taking CBD to treat a specific symptom it’s a wonderful supplement to have included for all of its preventative qualities!

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