Ruxton (Sour OG) Medical Marijuana Strain Review

Hey Everybody!  Today we are looking at Ruxton or Sour OG from Broken Coast Cannabis.  Ruxton is a sativa dominant hybrid that comes in at a weighty 27.7% THC so this isn't one for the newbies.  Ruxton is a cross between Sour Diesel and OG Kush and really leans towards the sativa side of things.

Ruxton, like most of what comes out of Broken Coast, is a dream to look at.  It's covered in trichomes, has good bud density and is nice and gassy.  I reviewed a diesel strain from another LP a few weeks ago and mentioned how muted the smell and flavour was.... not Ruxton.  This bud is ripe!!

Effects wise, this is best for pain, depression and lack of appetite and because of it's potency... a little goes a long way!  Very nice!

For more information on Ruxton please check out Broken Coast's website HERE

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