The Exxus Mini Vaporizer Review

Hey Everybody!  Just got finished playing with the Exxus Mini and by god do good things come in small packages!  This is a hearty little device that fits in the palm of your hand but delivers some very nice and very smooth hits.

I was admittedly taken aback by the Exxus Mini... I've seen similar devices before that try to pack waaaaay too much in to a what is ultimately a pocket vaporizer, but the Exxus Mini does it with flying colours.  Full temperature control and a stainless steel bowl located right below the mouthpiece.  Normally this would produce hot and harsh draws being so close to the heat source but somehow, someway the Mini keeps it cool.

Overall, very impressed with this device.  I do wish it had a swappable battery but that's me just looking for problems.  This is very solid for either the new user or if you have a higher end at home device you don't want to take out with you on the road.

Better still.... if you purchase this vaporizer either of or and use the promo code "kushbury" you'll be rewarded with a 10% discount!  Boom!!

For more information on the Exxus Mini or to pick one up of your very own, go HERE!

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