The Infinity Blunt (March 2017)

Hey Everybody!  Have I got a treat for you today!  The Infinity Blunt!  What is the Infinity Blunt, you ask?  Well it is a new cannabis smoking device that is a cross between a pipe and a blunt and I love it!

The Infinity Blunt is both simple and genius.  The simplicity is in its design as there are just three parts.... a glass tube, a corkscrew / mouthpiece and an end cap.  The genius is what it does.... it allows you to pack a 1.2 - 2g blunt without the need for wraps, papers or cones and you don't have to keep relighting!!

So why is this good?  Well, if you like smoking you cannabis in joint or blunt form you're going to get some extra carcinogens in there... a small amount if you use papers like zig-zags or a ton if you go with full on tobacco wraps because you wanna be a hip-hop star, either way you're going to get something.  This allows you to smoke it in that form without having to wrap up!  So why not just use a pipe, you ask?  Well, a pipe you fill, take a few hits and then have to fill again... they cash out quick!!  The Infinity Blunt is like a pipe that self loads and keeps the party going... it's very cool!!

For me, I used 1.5 grams of cannabis with a medium grind and what I got out of it was a ridiculously satisfying 25 minute session that had me smiling for the next 3 - 4 hours.  It was easy to use, tasted great and felt really good in the hand!!

If you are interested in picking up one of these for yourself then head on over to and they will hook you right up!!