Starry Night Bliss Bark and Infused Peanut Butter by Green Goddess Canna Confections

Green Goddess Canna Confections – Starry Night Bless Bark and Infused Peanut Butter

Green Goddess Overview:

Green Goddess Canna Confections is a fantastic edible company in Toronto that has quickly established themselves as a top producer!  They provide a variety of edibles from baked goods, to gummies to infused drink mixes!  Their menu is very impressive!

Accessing Green Goddess Canna Confections:

Connect with Green Goddess Canna Confections through their Instagram page @GreenGoddessCC or via email

Green Goddess Pricing & Selection:

The pricing at Green Goddess starts at $8 for sample packs and $15 - $20 for individual items.  They have price breaks for bulk orders and are in the process of putting together gift baskets!  Wow!

Unique to Green Goddess:

Packaging!  Green Goddess has commercial grade packaging and provides a ton of information on each item!  Everything looks like it could have been purchased from a boutique shop!  

Bliss Bark / Peanut Butter Smell, Texture, Taste:

So I decided to combine two products in this review, the Starry Night Bliss Bark and the Infused Peanut Butter, both from Green Goddess.  The Bliss Bark is an infused take on chocolate bark!  It has a milk chocolate base and a psychedelic swirl that I believe is made from coloured white chocolate.  I thought I may have smelled a hint of peppermint when I first opened it but apparently it was in my mind.  Taste was fantastic, no heavy cannabis flavour and the texture was amazing.... super smooth, melt in your mouth chocolate!


The Peanut Butter is an understated masterpiece!  There is absolutely nothing separating the quality of this peanut butter with store bought.  Flavour, texture and smell were all spot on!  And the taste?  Amazing!  You'd never know its magic powers by looking at it!


Start Time: 12:00pm    

Starting to feel effects:12:35pm

Effects strong feeling set in: 1:00pm

Effect coming down: 4pm

Both of these products were FANTASTIC!  I combined them here but have enjoyed them individually since recording the video.  The Bliss Bark is STRONG!!  800mg per package / 15mg per gram and it packs a punch!  Awesome for chronic pain, stress and anxiety.

The Peanut Butter is out of this world and super subtle!  I've taken it with me to breakfast nobody's been the wiser.  A table spoon or two is a perfectly mellow way to start the day!


Taste:  93/100

Effects:  90/100

Looks & Packaging: 90 /100