Space Bombs by Sofa King Good Bakery

Sofa King Good Bakery – Space Bombs

Sofa King Good Bakery Overview:

Sofa King Good Bakery is a Toronto based edible producer that offers a wide variety of infused goodies.  Sofa King infuses with  a variety of cannabis extracts including distillate which has little to no cannabis smell or flavor, cannabutter and RSO.

Accessing Sofa King Good Bakery:

Sofa King is quite active on the Toronto pop up scene taking part in many of the Canna Farmers Markets, vendor villages at events and can be found online at @sfgbakery on Instagram.  

Sofa King Good Bakery Edibles Pricing & Selection:

Most products are in the $7 - $10 range and they feature a lot of different products.  Cereal bars, cupcakes, squares and even pretzels all infused with the goodness of THC.  These Space Bombs are almost a combination of all that!

Unique to Sofa King Good Bakery:

The two things that I think Sofa King is doing really well and help set them apart is their packaging (loads of information) and the addition of CBD to infusions using THC distillate.  THC distillate is fine on its own but cannabinoids are like cookies, the more the merrier!  I find that the effects of THC are always better when other cannabinoids come along for the ride!

Space Bombs Smell, Texture, Taste:

These were a lot of fun!!  The Space Bombs really reminded me of a Payday bar minus the peanuts!  The pretzels, the caramel and the peanut butter are all in perfect proportions!  And these things have gold flakes sprinkled on them!  Gold!  These taste so good that they should be sold with a non-infused pack for when you get the munchies.  And because these are infused with a distillate there isn’t any cannabis smell or flavour to worry about.

Space Bomb Effects:

Start Time: 11:00am    

Starting to feel effects: 11:40am

Effects strong feeling set in: 11:50am

Effect coming down: 1:45pm

I really enjoyed these!  For me, these Space Bombs are perfect for the daytime as they weren't too tiring, allowed for some focus and left me with the ability to get stuff done. However, I do have a higher tolerance than most and can see these affecting some people much harder which is why it’s great that each package is broken up into smaller doses so you can do what’s best for you!  I highly recommend the Space Bombs and will be picking up more next time I’m in town!!


Taste:  95/100

Effects: 90/100

Looks & Packaging: 92/100